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Patches 'n Pieces Quilt Club in Lynchburg VA

Our Mission is to support our common interest in the art of quilting. Club programs are designed to benefit and educate members and the public in preserving and appreciating this art form.

Our quilt club is open to anyone who is interested in quilting. Prospective members may attend up to three meetings before becoming a member. New members are always welcome. 

Members can participate in twice monthly club meetings, social gatherings, participate in group projects and challenges and may attend other specialized meetings such as the applique group and queen bees. They also have access to the many resources available on this website including resources, patterns, club library directory. photo gallery - and much more.
For any questions about club membership or additional general information, please contact :

Note:  Perfumes, fragrances and even residual cigarette smoke odor trigger severe allergies for several members of the club.  Please refrain from using perfumes or and fragranced lotions when attending any club event.  Thank you for your understanding.

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